Born in the foothills of the Rockies, but rooted in the sounds of modern soul, powerhouse funk, and smooth 60’s R&B, Choice City Seven is an eight-piece band with a big city sound. Their live shows bring people together in celebration of down-home, no-frills, good music.

The band is held together by a talented and textured rhythm section – Logan Doddridge (drums), Sean Jaster (keys), John McKay (guitar), and Jeremiah Teague (bass). The horns bring just the right boom – Greta Cornett (trumpet), John Giordanengo (trombone), Phuong Nguyen (sax). The band is fronted by a charismatic and soulful singer – Chris Leck (vocals).

It started one night in a cramped practice room when 3 members of 12 Cents for Marvin each brought a friend with the goal of exploring and writing new music that sounded like whatever made them feel good at the time, no matter what genre it was. The result is a sound for everyone. From people who just want to dance to groovy hooks to heady jazz nerds.

2017 marked a major accomplishment for the band with the release of their debut album “Freshman Year.” “By the time we recorded the album, we had spent so much time together as a band and as good friends,” explains Sean Jaster, keyboard player and songwriter. “We really wanted to present an album of snapshots of us growing together. That’s why there’s such a wide range of songs.”

Choice City Seven is more than a band. It’s a family where everyone feels like they belong. Audience members are never strangers. They’re just long lost cousins invited to join the party.

“It’s a super funked up soul with a killer horn section. The music has tons of heart, yet still is so damn fun. It’s easy to imagine how this band of seasoned musicians is incredible live.”Josh Johnson, Denver Post

“This is a band out to make music that makes them happy, and a band truly dedicated to creating a joyful experience for the audience. They also happen to be an extraordinary collection of talent.”Jeremy Fleischer, Scene Magazine

“Muscular honky-tonk rock with a touch of soul. Four stars.” – Mike Baron, Pop Geek Heaven

“The band had a timeless sound to them that appeals to all ages, delivering a danceable groove that will always be a part of any good music festival.”Sean Kennedy, KCSU

The Band:

Chris Leck

(Lead Vocals / Guitar)

Greta Cornett


Jeremiah Teague


John Giordanengo


John McKay


Logan Doddridge


Phuong Nguyen

(Sax / Vocals)

Sean Jaster

(Keyboard / Vocals)